[MacOS/Windows] FRPFILE Ramdisk Hello Bypass iPhone 6s, 6sPlus | iOS 15-16 | DCSD Cable Needed | no Signal


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[Windows] RAMDISK Tool Bypass Passcode, Disable, Hello Screen, Baseband broken no jailbreak.


§  Bypass passcode, disable ios 11-16 no jailbreak work call, data, icloud services,notification

§  Bypass untethered hello screen, baseband problem ios 15 (no signal) no jailbreak, login icloud. (50% notification work)

§  Devices support:

§  iPhone SE 1,6s,  6s plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8plus, X

§  iPad 5 wifi,mini 4 wifi



§  Windows 64 bit

§  Net framework 4.7.2


1.      Oder ECID

2.      change SN to F7MM28A3F196 with Magic CFG (MAC) or iRepair box, iBox, WL Tool (Windows) (A9 need cable DCSD – A10 A11 only need cable Lightning)

3.      Open FRPFILE Ramdisk Tool get Activate file

4.      Boot Pwned with USB Bootable, or FRPFILE_RAMDISK on MAC

5.      How To Fix Drivers For Windows (DO NOT SKIP)

·        Go to device manager and select update Driver in the Drives folder

·        Do not disconnect your device

·        Now disconnect and connect your phone

·        Open 3utools – Toolbox – Repair Drivers for Device

6.      Now Check Drivers Installed is Good Or Bad from Device Manager in PC
 Good Installation – Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
 Bad Installation – Apple Mobile Device USB Device

7. Open FRPFILE Ramdisk and activate device


§   Google Drive   password unzip: frpfile
§   Mediafire
§   MEGA
§  MagicCFG

Video fix driver : https://youtu.be/9IgWJGtf3oU


Delivery time: Minutes

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API