[MacOS/Windows] FRPFILE Ramdisk Passcode Bypass iPhone 7, 7Plus | iOS 14-16| Extract Owner Info | with Signal/Network


FRPFILE RAMDISK Bypass Passcode, Disable (iOS 11 – 16.x) no jailbreak.

FRPFILE Ramdisk tool version CLI (update GUI tool soon) This paid tool bypass Passcode, Disable Meid/GSM without Jailbreak full notification, iCloud services, sim call (except device locked carrier)


Requires Macbook and MacOS from 10.13.6 and up
+ Macbook Air / Pro 2011 and until 2020
+ CPU i5/i7 (Does not support M1 CPU Chip)



  • Tool have 2 version Boot v1 & boot v2 (use v2 if the tool crashes SSH please try with v1 again) If not done must update retain data to latest IOS (if old ios have 5% risk stuck recovery mode)
  • Before order, Please put a sim card in the phone need bypass and try make a call to phone. If the phone can take a call mean the phone support.
  • Support:
    • Device Passcode or Disable screen iOS15
    • SIM Unlocked (Check before oder )
  • Not Support
    • Device restored (Hello screen)
    • SIM Locked
    • Device bypassed from iOS12-14.8.1



Delivery time: Minutes

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API