MFK RAMDISK IPhone 7/7+ (IOS 13 Until 15.X) Passcode Full bypass Meid/GSM without JailBreak [Windows Tool Version]


Guide For MFK RAM DISK - The Ultimate Windows RAMDISK tool (Passcode/Disabled)



·        Windows PC / Laptop

·        USB Stick / Thumbdrive / Pendrive / Flash Drive (8GB + Recommended)



·        3uTools -

·        Pwndfu ISO Image and MFK RAMDISK Latest Version -



How To Fix Drivers For Windows (DO NOT SKIP)

Remove the windows driver with the phone already connected

·        Go to device manager and remove it

·        Do not disconnect your device

·        Install the file in the Drives folder


Verify Drivers: After Successful Installation, verify that the files are in the paths below


Now disconnect and connect your phone


Open 3utools - Toolbox - Repair Drivers for Device


Now Check Drivers Installed is Good Or Bad from Device Manager in PC

Good Installation - Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Bad Installation - Apple Mobile Device USB Device 

Make Bootable USB for Pwndfu:

·        Download Pwndfu iso from Above Links

·        Open 3uTools - Flash & Jailbreak Option

·        Select Make Checkra1n Jailbreak USB Flashdrive

·        Select Local Image - Pwndfu iso

·        Start Making Bootable USB

·        Bootable Flash Drive is Ready



       1. Boot USB

       2. Put Device in DFU Mode

       3. Enter Pwndfu Mode

       4. Restart PC to windows after Successful Pwndfu


       Verify drivers like before again to avoid errors


       5. Open MFK Ramdisk Tool

       6. Click “Connect iDevice” and Wait Success Notification.

       7. Click “Boot Device” and Wait Success Notification.


Note: Boot Device May take 1-3Minutes Depending Upon Your Internet Connection. Recommend to Use 15 MBPS Minimum. Boot May Fail in Low Internet.


       8. Open Click Check SSH and Wait Success Notification.


Note: If error - Open Device Manager and Verify Drivers again. Also use local driver from drive.


       9. For Backup:

                              Click “Backup Activation Files”

       10. After Successful Backup, Restore Device to Latest iOS (No Data Restore/Quick Flash)


       11. For Activation with Backup, Repeat from Step 1-8

       12. Click “Activate iDevic


Delivery time: 1-3 Hours

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API