FMI OFF Open Menu iPhone X | iRemove Tools | Jailbreak Required

FMI OFF OPEN MENU by iRemove Tools on MAC (Jailbreak)


- This service will remove FMI ON to OFF
- If device is locked to a carrier it will be still locked. This is FMI OFF service and not SIM unlock.
- This tool will remove Apple ID from the device so you will be able to use yours as well as update/restore/reset device without fear to be locked
- Activation locked (Hello screen) devices are not supported

- Password Changed not supported.


1. Download and Install tool on MAC

2. Jailbreak your device with Checkra1n or AltStore and add SSH source in Cydia
       Here is a guide on how to jailbreak device:

3. Connect device and check device compatibility for this service.

        If tool says Supported, Place Order.

        If tool says Not Supported Don't Place Order.
4. Remove Apple ID (FMI OFF)

        Important! Please turn on the Airplane Mode, turn off the Wi-Fi connection or remove the SIM card before starting the Apple ID unlock process. After this, press the "START" button and wait until the program finishes its task.


Em formação

Tempo de entrega: 1-3 Minutes

Pedidos em massa permitidos: Não

Tipo de pedido: IMEI

Tipo de serviço: Servidor

Enviar para verificar permitido: Não

Cancelamento permitido: Não

Processamento de pedido: API