Nusantara Schematics 6 Month License ( 1 User ) | [Worldwide]


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First step

 after finished downloading the archipelago schematic
> tab to register now
> input name - email - pass (free) - activation key token from reseller - click register
> success notification

Step two

> to the log in section tab
> enter the email you just registered
> enter pass/password
> select the USA / ASIA server if loading, change the server to one
> if it's loading and doesn't go to the end task manager execution "ctrl+alt+del" close the NS application
> re-open the NS apps again select the USA / ASIA server
> click log in
> wait for the data upload process to enter the menu perfectly
> make sure the internet is not slow

If there is a problem in the software 
Nusantara support team:


"data error. please contact developer"
Network provider sometimes blocks NS communication to server
it's not about smooth speed, open other things but it's a network provider
sometimes blocks and restricts network paths to NS servers.
Download and install solution

Download tool:


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Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual